Crafting your brand

Our videos and short films build brands, increase awareness and inform.  We specialize in coming up with concepts that are geared to leverage social media to achieve this.


Work with you closely to come up with innovative and captivating concepts aimed at social media audiences.


Plan and execute scripts, storyboards and shoots, develop graphics and animations, add creative nuances.


Work with you to finalize your brand films and content and disseminate over social media in a timely and relevant fashion.

We create brand films and content for restaurants, hotels, event organisers, hospitals, software companies, consulting firms, head hunters, and many small and large businesses around the world.

who we are

Story and trendy concept development

You tell us what you think you want and we will make you a trendy brand film, animated scene and social media outreach plan that is engaging.

Location and filming

We will shoot brand films at interesting locations relevant to your business or we can do it for you in a studio or any other location that brings the story to life.

Editing and finalization

Our editors and graphic animators craft your story and add the artistic elements that stand out on social media and any other medium. Then our social media folks disseminate this content on your feeds if you hire us to do that too!

Our experienced team has launched 500+ brand films, commercials and thousands 

of social media posts for our clients over the past 8 years.

Our customers include: 

Sony, Expedia, Robert Walters, Agoda, Accenture, DKSH, iMedia, Tealium, 

Wine Garage, APL Logistics, Fastrak, Food Industry Asia, GreenpacksUSA, 

United Nations ESCAP, Soho Hospitality, Taxi Studio London, 

ExxonMobil, foodpanda.

Cha Oom is a collective of amazing people creating delightful brand films, animations and content

As a creative brand film production company and content creator nestled in sunny Bangkok, we live to tell your story. We are really good at coming up with fresh ideas for promo/advertising content to build brand awareness; to reach out and stand out in the crowd.  Attract new business or train your staff using powerful video tools that are fun to watch and convey clear messages.

Cha Oom means “lush” “green” “verdant” in Thai and this is our vision of a lush and verdant world where we live in harmony with nature driven by technological advances. These advances include the incredible digital film creation and graphics tools we have available today for us to create awesome brand films, animations, and content for you. We integrate beautiful video footage, graphics, text and 3d animations to tell your stories and reach your customers and employees.

As part of our commitment and constant strive to mitigate the effects of climate change and nurture a lush future on earth, Preminda Fernando, founder and director at Cha Oom Studios, has taken the pledge and committed to being a conscious crypto creator.  Noting the growth in blockchain technology, NFTs, the Metaverse, VR/AR and digital film making and animation, it is one of our main areas of focus and we aim to do it in away that is more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking to make brand films or short animated clips that tell a story and convey clear messages about your business, products and services contact us at the details given below or on our Facebook page.  We are very client oriented and work closely with our clients to make sure we deliver a high quality service.  We can take care of social media outreach as well; engaging and aesthetic content creation and dissemination is our service promise.

tel: + 66 81 442 7458
Hit us up on facebook with questions or comments

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