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Over the years we have been doing 2D and 3D animation work for clients as part of their brand films.  Over the past 2 years, we have been exploring new technology that streamlines the animation process making it more effective and fun to create.


Thato’s Panic Attack fan film is a personal project completed by Preminda Fernando, founder and director at Cha Oom Studios.  It was part of the ongoing step-by-step technology research and learning process which is currently underway at Cha Oom Studios aimed at completing a planned upcoming animated short we are working on as well as future projects in this area. 


The work in process (WIP) video briefly explains the process of creating Thato’s Panic Attack fan film.  It’s an exploration of the new technology we plan to work with in the coming years.

Futuristic energy beam conceptualization for an upcoming animated short film we are working on at Cha Oom Studios.  

This Toyota Supra drive-by animation was done as a fun passion project and to get some traction on social group feeds.  The Toyota Supra fans and car tuning enthusiasts loved it! 

During Halloween 2020, one of our good friends who is a property developer and owner, asked us to make a crazy fun film to play on the screens in their apartment building elevators so the kids and families staying there will get to feel the fun a little more given the pandemic situation at the time.  



This is what our team came up with and the kids (and adults) loved it!

This showreel showcases our 2D animation work over the years.  We have worked with various organizations including the  United Nations ESCAP, Robert Walters, Accenture, Foodpanda and many others on their brand films which include animations to tell the story in more detail and to add a visual dimension to complicated information. 

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