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Bispoke content creation

In this commercial, we are asking the viewer to #tuneoutthenoise.  It’s targetting a very specific audience of business owners who would like to focus on their core business activities and contract out the social media creation and dissemination work.

Let us take care of social for you.  We will tell your story in a way that screams “you”, your business that is. Increase followers and engagement with your customer base.  Keep your feeds active and exciting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.

commercials geared towards social

This commercial focuses in on the cute product packaging, and it’s aimed at keeping your social feeds active whether it be facebook news feeds or stories on IG for example.  This type of 15 second commercial is very focused and communicates clear messaging which increases engagement and saves advertising costs.


Together with an alluring and descriptive text, this type of post ensures fast responses from potential clients and new followers.

posts on social

”Every year February 14th, the day commemorating Saint Valentine, is the day romantic love is all we think about around the world. It may well be the sweetest day on earth. We wish you the best lover’s moments, warm hugs, and the best day ever with your loved ones. Share the good vibes.”

Here is an example which was posted on valentines day as a greeting disseminated thru the hotel’s growing social feeds.

”Our Cappuccino tastes as good as it looks!”

Here is another example of a post for a cafe.  In this example the picture is all that is needed and works well on the news feeds as well as the story feeds.

quirky ideas!

Sometimes we have to say things in a quirky way so that our clients and their followers are amused and entertained. Our approach here is to tell a typical valentines tale using cinematic nuances and storytelling.  

We create a variety of commercials and brand films to communicate and engage with the social media audience that fits for each type of client.


If you want to sell a product or service through social media we can do it for you using high end videos, animations, pictures, graphics and text.

LEt us do social for you

We at Cha Oom take care of content creation to dissemination of content on social media feeds for our clients.  From Facebook, Instagram to LinkedIn and Google; keeping it tight, SEO driven and coherent on all platforms.  Our clients get fast follower build ups and vibrant and eye catching content that is interesting to read.  Client relations have been the corner stone of our company’s effectiveness and growth over the years.  We have been doing this since 2014 and weathered the downturns during covid and come out with a fresher more driven team that is performing at higher levels than ever before.



We look forward to working with you on your social campaigns, commercials, brand films and short documentaries geared towards social.


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