brand films

Brand films are the corner stone

Brand films tell stories that engage viewers by focusing on the human struggle for example.  Like in this foodpanda brand film, where we tell the story a female foodpanda rider to promote more gender representation as well as to release content relevant to world women’s day during that particular calendar period.

Brand films are a way to unite clients and employees

Robert Walters wanted to celebrate their 10th Anniversary in Thailand with a very comprehensive video with insights from long term employees, new staff, and clients who continued working with them over the years.

They also wanted to capture their company culture which has always been people focused, fun and purpose driven. 

All our brand films are targeted towards social media use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Brand films can be about something very critical

Sometime companies want to share the good deeds that they are taking on as part of their going green strategy.  This brand film explains how a hospitality company deals with excess food at its restaurants by donating it to an NGO that is doing great things by using logistics to get these items that are still fresh to hungry kids.  


The goal of this video is to showcase the initiative and call on others to follow so that more food can be utilized more effectively and redistributed in order to minimize waste.

This Tsunami Trust Fund brand film tells the story of the 2004 Tsunami and how many countries came together to address immediate issues as well as to build long term resilience of societies as especially those marginalized communities in Asia Pacific.

Many prominent experts in the field took part in this film and it captures the nature of the event and response that had a big impact on the region for many years following the Tsunami of 2004.

We specialize in creating inspirational brand films.  Contact us to create a brand film for your business or organization.

Brand films are about passion

A brand film can be a simple infomercial style piece that features a famous chef.  Chef Fabio has cooked for the who-is-who of Thailand and around the world.  He is simply an artists and a very passionate speaker.


We love making brand films and look forward to hearing from you on your ideas and aspirations for building your brand.  We are here to work with you closely and to ensure the highest quality of client service and brand films.

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